Ultimate C.A.T.S Guide

This guide is written by (Angela)

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General Strategies
Ultimate Fights
Kings Of The City
Gang Fights
Prestiging: What is it?
Betting Strategies


The championship is technically considered the “minor” part of the game, however it used to be the only part of the game 6 months ago. This is the only mode you can play in (excluding gang fights, which isn’t really a mode, more of a subset of the championship) until you get to stage 15.

When you first start the game or just prestiged (akin to starting over), you start at stage 1. You are then matched up with fourteen other people. You can fight them with the “fight” button in the bottom right when you have selected the championship. This will then put you in fourteen fights (less if not everyone has joined the championship yet). If you win one fight, you get one medal. At the end of the championship, if you are in the top six (determined by how many medals you have), then you advance to the next stage, and get 5 gems, some coins, an ultimate part, and either a super or legendary box. Getting top 7-12 gives you 3 gems and some coins.

An alternative is getting 14 wins with one car. If you do this, then you instantly move up to the next stage, called an “Instant Promotion” . If you do this, you get the same rewards as top 6.


Yes, the plural of chassis is chassis, I looked it up. Anyways, let’s get onto it.

Each chassis has at least 1 weapon slot, and cannot have less than two or more than three total slots. Weapons can be attached onto the weapon slots, and accessories can be attached onto the accessory slot. You cannot put a weapon on a accessory slot, and vice-versa (Do I even have to say this? :P)

Your chassis also has an amount of power. Each of your weapons and accessories have a power level as well. The amount of power taken from all of your weapons and accessories combined cannot exceed the amount of power your chassis has. If you try to put on a weapon/accessory that make it so that you’d go over in your power, it won’t let you put the weapon on. You can increase your car’s power capacity by using power toolboxes.

Now onto the actual descriptions.


Unlocked at the beginning of the game: Probably the sturdiest of the builds, however severely nerfed during the beta of this game. Classic was so good, classics were changed so that it can only have 1 weapon and 1 accessory. The only 3 slot classics are from gang boxes, and even that was changed so now they never appear there. Low health, no 3 slots, usually pretty bad. You can cheese out wins because of its sloped front, but usually not enough to get an instant promotion. Against newer people, this is actually pretty effective though. Really good for like the first week of playing the game, then gets progressively worse.


Unlocked at the beginning of the game: Pretty okay build, a lot of good “cheese” builds (I refer to cheese builds as builds that don’t fight straight up, with stats). Decently stable when you get high wheel placement and far apart wheels. Lower health, but overall pretty good.


Unlocked at the beginning of the game: Useful at times and has very high health, but unstable and high slots make very good titans rare. Ideally you want all three slots very low on the build, which is rare. Anyways, good only if you are extremely lucky.

Surfer –        

Unlocked at the beginning of the game: One of the best, if not the best chassis. Extremely stable if you get a wheel out not physically attached to the surfer in the front. If you have that, it can almost never be flipped with a classic and is pretty lifter-resistant. High health, low-ish hitbox, super stable, overall very, very good.


Unlocked at the beginning of the game: Very unstable, low health. Only really good for “cheese” builds, which are listed in the bottom of this category. Very bad if you want to fight with stats and stability.

Pyramid –        

Unlocked at prestige 0, stage 10: An okay build. Medium health, medium stability, decent overall. Much better options out there, like sneaky or surfer, but pyramid makes do.

Whale – Unlocked at prestige 1: Absolutely amazing. My favorite build, ever. Super stable, high health, very few bad slot positions. If it weren’t for surfer, the whale would undoubtedly be the best chassis in the game. It’s just so amazing.


Unlocked at prestige 1, stage 10: Pretty bad. Medium-high health, but pretty unstable. Can be knocked over with a repulse most of the time, if you use larger wheels or have bad wheel slots. Only use this if you don’t have any better options.

 Stability list, from most to least stable:

  • Classic (though the slot limitations of this make it bad overall, even though it is the most stable)
  • Whale Surfer
  • Sneaky
  • Pyramid
  • Titan
  • Diamond
  • Boulder


Okay. I’m going to make a distinction of “better” and “worse” weapons. These distinctions are pretty much whether the weapon is ranged or not. I cannot emphasize enough that melee weapons (aside from blade) are almost always worse than ranged weapons, even if it has more damage. As you move up the stages battles tend to be quicker, leaving less room for taking time to get to your opponent. Also they are wholly inconsistent with their damage (chainsaw is the biggest offender of this) because sometimes they won’t hit the enemy due to range.

Melee Weapons:


Drill/Stinger/Chainsaw – Unlocked at the beginning of the game: Does consistent damage while the enemy build is in contact with the weapon. These are usually not good to use, even if they do more damage than ranged weapons. You can get away with using them lower in the stages, where fights are longer, but as you get into military and higher, they start to get worse and worse because fights start to get faster.

Blade –

 Unlocked at the beginning of the game: Rotates in a counterclockwise circle, with a hitbox on its blade (not the handle). Does one revolution every 1 second. The only consistently useful melee weapon (imo). Pops lifters with ease (unless you put it too close to the front, the hitbox is only on the actual blade, not the handle), and can be used in bouncy boulders. Overall pretty good. Most people prefer the shotgun, but I personally like the blade more. People like the shotgun more than the blade because the blade has a really low base damage, but I don’t think that’s a big problem.


(wasn’t sure whether to put it in melee or ranged :P): Shoots out pellets in a wide spread, pushing both cars away from the center. Overall really good, hard counters bouncy boulder and all melee weapons. Keeps your opponent at a distance, so you usually use ranged weapons with it. If you end up lifting your opponent a little bit, the shotgun can knock them and flip them over. Undoubtedly one of the best weapons. Because of the knockback on the shotgun, the base damage is extremely high (you’re gonna be knocking your opponent back so the whole DPS will almost never be there)

You have to be careful, though. Putting this on a less stable car can make your own build flip over.

Long ranged weapons:

Rocket –

Unlocked at the beginning of the game: Super straightforward. Shoots one rocket per second. The listed damage is the amount of damage it does per shot. Outclassed by double rocket, but still good if you have rocket synergy, or are prestige 0. Probably the best weapon for prestige 0.

Double Rocket –

Unlocked at prestige 0, stage 20: Powercreep on the regular rocket. Literally just the rocket that shoots in both directions. Counters bouncy boulders and 720 noscopes. Usually outclassed by minigun if you use a shotgun, but still one of the best weapons out there. If one has a legendary or two that provides a bonus for damage for these bad boys, plus a good gadget with a maxed out damage bonus from bets, they are extremely difficult to deal with, as they can one-shot most builds that don’t have a legendary or two on them for health.

Laser –

Unlocked at prestige 0, stage 5: Shoots every 2.5 seconds, but each blast lasts 0.4 seconds. So technically there’s only a 2.1 second recharge time, but it shoots every 2.5 seconds. This “lasting hitbox” is abused with double shotgun boulders and 720 noscopes, which utilize spinning the car extremely fast so that the laser can hit everywhere on the map. Other than exactly those two builds, it’s pretty bad, mainly because the shots are so infrequent, if it would have taken three rocket shots (3 seconds), it would take two laser shots (5 seconds). Also extremely weak to lifter.

The shown DPS number is multiplied by 2.5 to find the damage per hit.

Minigun –

Unlocked at prestige 1: Extremely high base damage, but combatting that is its warm up time. The shown damage is five times the damage per shot. Good if you have high health, because it takes time to unleash its huge damage.

Its damage per second (the one listed) is five times as much as the damage per shot.




In general: the smaller the wheel, the more stable, but the less health it has. You generally want to use nothing larger than a scooter for most builds, because stability is super important.

Push strength: I made a Reddit post on this, just gonna copy and paste it here: (Source)

I have no real numbers on this, but it depends on the size difference between the back wheel and the front wheel. If your back wheel is a scooter and your front wheel is a knob, because they’re two apart, your push strength is 2 (this all is my arbitrary scale). However, if your back wheel is a knob and your front wheel is a scooter, your push strength is -2.

But, let’s say you have a back scooter and a front knob vs. a back bigfoot and front scooter. Then the size matters. The bigfoot one will win.

Stickies seem to be marginally better at pushing compared to their regular counterparts, but not by much.

Just beware that by using bigger size differences, your build will become more unstable because you’re using bigger wheels.

Wheel position (like, how high the wheel slots are on the vehicle) matter as well, because if your wheels barely scrape the ground, then your push strength will go down.

I can make a formula, but it really won’t do anything because all of our numbers are arbitrary and too small to work.

It would look like this: Vehicle push strength = (wheel push strength * wheel size/3 * traction/100) + (weight * center of gravity)

Wheel push strength was what I used earlier, with integers.

Wheel size is the average size of the wheel

Traction is how much the wheel is touching the ground (% of max) (just guess on this one unless it’s max)

Weight is unknown because of lack of data on comparing weights, but all are less than one

Center of gravity is, like mass, unknown because of no data.

This is unnecessarily complicated because you can usually use wheel push strength and see which one.

I made the formula for fun, don’t actually use it. Just know that the bigger difference in wheel size (back one has to be bigger or you get a really low pushback) means that you have a higher push strength. Just know that bigfoot + knob (and tire + knob) is really unstable. Most people use two of the same kind of wheel, because it is the most stable. I keep on bringing this up, but it’s the most important part of the game. Stability is everything.


These are pretty straightforward. There’s one objectively best accessory, and everything else is useful if it has synergy with the rest of the build, or if it is used for getting behind/around the other car.

Lifter –

Unlocked at prestige 4: 2-3 energy. Shoots a projectile in the direction of the other car and lifts the other car up. Absolutely broken. Against blades they don’t do much. With shotguns they buy you a second or more. But with pretty much anything else you just flip them, unless they get lucky and are able to pop it with their weapon. If you ever get one from a gang box when you aren’t prestige 4 yet, keep it. Always. It’s so good that losing even 20k health is worth it in most cases.

Booster –

Unlocked at the beginning of the game – 1-2 energy: Boosts you towards your opponent. Good on bouncy boulder and that’s pretty much it.

Backpedal –

Unlocked at the beginning of the game – 1-2 energy: Boosts you away from your opponent. Good for 720 noscope and that’s it.

Harpoon –

Unlocked at the beginning of the game – 1-2 energy: Hooks your opponent and pulls them to you. Good for melee builds, but melee builds aren’t that good, so you won’t use these that often. Unusually high health for some reason.

First Aid Kit –

Unlocked at prestige 3 – 2-3 energy: Heals 170% of its heath given, after your car has lost over half of its health. Gives you the most amount of health, but it doesn’t do anything other than give you health. There are better options.

Forklift –

Unlocked at the beginning of the game – 2-3 energy: A worse lifter, mostly. Adds a ton of weight, but it is super buggy, with weird glitches happening consistently.

Repulse –

Unlocked at the beginning of the game – 1-2 energy: Pushes enemies back, whenever they hit it. Can flip over unstable builds. Decent, but as always, lifter is better.

General Strategies:

Here’s u/pakkun106’s guide on how to promote easily in the championship! (Source)

Try out different builds in championships and upgrade the build that was the closest to beating all the opponents.

  • I. Choosing the Correct Parts: Arguably the most important part of promoting quickly. Every championship is different, with all sorts of different builds. Choosing the right body for the job is really difficult. Although, there are a few universal rules you can follow that can carry you through 2-4 championships.

BODIES: The most useful trait in a body you should be looking for is 3 Attachment Points. It might be-

a. 2 Weapon Attachment Points(WAP) and 1 Gadget Attachment Points(GAP), Which is the best case scenario.

b. 2 GAP and 1 WAP, Which requires the least amount of power.

c. 3 WAP, which is the most inefficient in term of power.

All bodies with this trait are good, with the exception of Boulder and Diamond. It is always preferable to choose a body with a GAP at the very front edge and bit of a deep Wheel attachment points.

WEAPONS: Double rocket, Miniguns and Shotguns are the best weapons. But others can be used situationally. Always try to get attack bonuses of these weapons on the best gadgets.

WHEELS: Sticky roller, Sticky tire, Knob, Roller and Scooter are only the wheels you should focus on getting a bonus. Bigfoot and tires are pretty much worthless.

GADGETS: Fork lift, Balloon lifter, Repulse, and Harpoon are the best gadgets. Always use a fork lift at the very front and balloon lifter or harpoon if the GAP is in the mid section of the body.


  • Try out different builds in championships and upgrade the build that was the closest to beating all the opponents.

II. Fusing Parts: I can’t begin to express how important it is to fuse parts. And I am baffled on how many people don’t do it, which makes it more the important to do it. Gives you an edge in championships.


  • Only fuse parts on a body and the weapons you wanna use on it. Don’t fuse parts on wheels and gadgets.
  • It is always preferable to fuse parts on a 5 star body/weapons. But don’t hesitate to fuse parts on lower star rated body/weapon if it they follow the traits mentioned earlier.
  • Always try to fuse parts of the same star rating or higher, gives more bang for your buck.
  • Keep the fully/partially upgraded part around until you find a better part. Fuse the fully/partially upgraded part to the newer and better part. it gives several levels of upgrade to the new part.
  • Once you find a body that works for you, keep upgrading it to the max while also moving through 3-4 stages. Weapon on the other hand, need not be upgraded to the maximum if you receive a better one corresponding to the stage you are on. Refer to how I did it here.
  • The maximum level that you can upgrade your parts to depends on the amount of stars that the part has. It doesn’t matter what grade it is (wooden, metal, golden, etc.), but the star. Level 1’s max level is 6, and for each extra star you add five more levels, capping out at 5 star = level 26.

III. Selling Parts: Another neglected feature of the game in my opinion. But if you start fusing, you will constantly need to sell parts as fusing parts costs lots of gold.


  • Only sell the older bodies and weapons. Don’t sell wheels and gadgets.
  • It is always preferable to sell parts from 3 stages ago or older, as the new parts can be used to fuse.

IV. Crowning the Boxes:  


This is important because it gives you 3 parts in a box with a bonus star. Meaning if you receive a part corresponding your stage, with a crown, it becomes a part from the next stage.

NOTE: It is important to note that you always receive parts ranging from 3 stage below you to the stage you are currently in without any crown. For example, if you are in stage 14, you will receive parts ranging from stage 11 to stage 14.

V. Tool Boxes:


USE THEM. Don’t make a pile of them. it is always preferable to use them on the stage you are on. Only use the health and attack toolboxes though. Power toolboxes should only be used when you desperately need them.(Refer to II. Fusing, TIP 2)


  • Always use the health toolboxes on wheels or gadgets with bonus. NEVER use them on bodies themselves. That way they carry over to other builds and cost of applying is also lowered.

Different builds:

There are a couple of builds that are frequently seen around CATS. I will be listing all of these here, with their strengths, weaknesses, and counters.

Straight up Fighting: Pretty simple. Tries to out-stat you, beating you with better parts. There are a ton of different kinds, but there are two major ones that are the most common.

Two Double Rockets: Less common than the one down below, but still decently common. Strong against almost all non-straight up builds, but weak to lifter and wedge surfer.

Shotgun + Minigun + Lifter: Used with a surfer or whale, it is definitely the most common build (once you have unlocked all of the parts). Minigun can be exchanged for rocket or double rocket, it doesn’t really matter. Strong against two Double Rockets, bouncy boulders, and melee builds.

Bouncy Boulder: Consisting of two blades and a high booster on a boulder (or sneaky), in order to fly over your opponent. It is a pretty popular build for prestige 0-4, but gets less and less popular as you go up the prestiges. Really good against prestige 0 people, as they only have blades to hit things from behind. Gets completely destroyed if your opponent has a shotgun, or double rockets. Other than those two counters, it’s good against everything else.

720 Noscope: Also called 360 noscope, it consists of two backpedals on a sneaky, no wheels, and a laser. It flips up in the air, and the laser hits the enemy while the enemy can’t hit back. This works with the “Booster Power” skill set to 0, 1, or 2. Having booster power level 3 will make your sneaky flip too high, and destroy itself on the walls. To fix this, you would need to put a knob wheel on the front or back slot of the 360 giving it more health. This doesn’t always work though. There are also variations with a double rocket too. These are good against the shotgun + minigun builds if they move forward, not stay stationary. Counters are blades and double rockets.

EDIT: Recently this was changed, but I have no idea if certain booster powers are better. If you do, feel free to DM me on Discord (Weeaboo#8715), Reddit (Angela14651), or the Forum (Angela)

Wedge Surfer: A surfer with two accessory slots, one in the front and one in the back, both on the top (there are only two places an accessory can be on a surfer, so any surfer with two accessory slots will work for this). Put a booster on the back one and a repulse on the front one. Put a blade on as your weapon, and ideally you’ll be able to get under your opponent, making them unable to hit you, as your blade kills them. Weak to shotgun but works against the majority of builds. Upgrading booster power and repulse strength helps this build out a lot, as with max repulse strength, you can consistently destroy any titan by flipping them over the wall. A lot of fun to use, but will pretty much never get you an instant promotion. Decent for getting medals though.

Ultimate League:

The Ultimate League is unlocked once you get to prestige 0, stage 15. It’s kind of the “endgame”, because you don’t lose your Ultimate parts whenever you prestige. You can get these parts in 6 ways:

From Gang Boxes (Rank 5+)

From promoting (one per promotion)

After Prestiging

Finishing top 100 in the top players league

Contests by Zeptolab

From the Ultimate League fights.

I’m going to go over the last one, because the rest are pretty simple and self-explanatory.

Ultimate Fights:

Whenever you first unlock Ultimate Cars (stage 5), you start out in the second Ultimate League. In the three days that you are in your league, you try to get as many points as possible. Whoever has enough points (competing against other people and bots) will promote to the next league. The higher your league, the more overall points you get, and the better the rewards. However, the fights are usually harder.

Whenever you enter a fight, you have to use up a ticket. These tickets are found in:

Regular Box

Super Box

Sponsor’s Box

These three boxes are the only ways to get tickets, aside from the occasional special offer. You only get one ticket per box, and you don’t always get one from the Regular Boxes. You can hold a maximum of five tickets (unless a special event is going on that changes that to 35).

Whenever you spend one of your tickets to fight, you fight up to 20 bots. You want to beat as many of them as possible, (to get the higher score), but if you lose one you get zero score. Playing it safe is almost always better than risking it. Below I have some tips for you to lose less often.

General Strategies:

DISCLAIMER: I cannot magically make your cars better. You just have to play smartly, and understand your (and your opponent’s) vehicles.

Do the Math: Figure out exactly how many hits it takes to destroy the enemy vehicle, with math. Translate that into seconds, and do this for both vehicles (with flamethrower this is near impossible, don’t use flamethrower :P). If your “Time to Kill” is less, then obviously you’ll win. One thing to note is that rocket placement (if you’re using rocket) can often determine the victor if it takes the same number of rocket hits for both vehicles to die.

If this happens, then you have to know which one will hit first. Sneakies hit before Titans which hit before Surfers.

Have Multiple Builds: This one is a no-brainer. Doing this will help shore up the weak spots in your regular vehicle. The trick here is to create vehicles that help each other out. Don’t make three super similar builds, or they’ll all be countered by the same kind of vehicle. A good example of this is a Titan vs a Dragon Mortar. The Mortar will flip the Titan over, rendering it useless. So, if you have a titan as your main build, create a car that will counter the Mortar. Things like that.

Kings of the City:


(Credit to NotANewb and Geckjaja for making this)

  City Kings is game mode added by Zeptolab in update 2.8 on March 7th, 2018. The game mode is rather complicated for those who haven’t played before or who haven’t played seriously before.

In order for a battle to start, 5 gang members have to click the ‘enlist’ button found on the bottom right corner. Once that happens, the game will pair you up randomly with another real life gang. The first step for participating in CK (City Kings) is to set up your three best vehicles by making a machine and then clicking the ‘2’ and ‘3’ buttons found again on the bottom right corner. You will not be able to change these machines until the end of the battle.

When you enter ‘City Kings’ you’ll see the main screen after making 3 vehicles. The score on the very top shows the score between the two gangs. You win by gaining more points than the other gang. The gang with the highest score wins after 24 hours (or if one gang achieves “Instant Victory”)! In this guide you’ll find out how to gain those points most effectively, other important skills, and how to use rewards most effectively.

> Who controls what?
There are usually 6 buildings to ‘control’. Your gang controls a building by taking
more than 50% of the spots available in the building. Let’s say that Dock 2 has 11 available spots. You need to take at least 6 spots to ‘control’ the building.
•    Once you control a building, the name will become ‘Blue’
•    It doesn’t matter if you control 51% or 100% of the building (more info later)
•    Bigger buildings (more spots) drain more points (more info later)
Controlling 2 of the same buildings (Dock 1 + Dock 2) gains double points on those buildings.

> How do you take ‘a spot’ to control a building?
If you click on a building you have 2 options, ‘Defend’ or ‘Attack’. Most Of the times, you would want to click attack unless you know the opposing gang’s machines are too strong for yours. Once you click on attack you’ll see all the attackable spots in the building. The ones that show a [P] sign are ‘empty’ spots, guarded by (usually) weaker bots. If a spot shows the enemy gang’s logo, it is an enemy players car that took the spot. Once you beat an empty spot or enemy player you ‘control’ that spot. Controlling a spot means you can not use that vehicle until someone else defeats it, so you can only control 3 spots at a time! Once you car gets defeated, it will take 2 hours to revive and then you can attack with it again.

>What does defending do?
Defending means putting your vehicle in the spot of an already gang-taken spot
by using a replace. This is usually used to ‘replace’ the best cars, so they can attack again! It could also be used to replace a very damaged car to make it harder for the enemy gang to take that spot but this is NOT recommended since replacing to free up stronger builds is a lot more effective. Important: You have a gang shared limited amount of ‘replaces’ and ‘scouts’ for free, but you unlock more ‘free replaces and scouts’ from getting trophies from gang fights. This means that if you use a scout or a replace, it takes it away from the ENTIRE gang. Gaining these free rewards takes hard earned trophies so if you do want/need to use them, please tell the specific gang member whom you are replacing, and ask in the chat to use a scout, if even any one member says “go ahead” you can use the scout.

> How are points calculated?
The amount of maximum spots a building has decides how many points are gained every minute once controlled. Example: Controlling a 20 spots building (11 cars or 15 doesn’t matter, once its over 50%), means it will gain you 20 points every minute. If you control another building with the same name (Warehouse 1 + 2), this amount will be 40 points per minute for that building or 80 points per minutes for both buildings instead of 20!

> What’s a scout?
Earning trophies in gang fights gives free ‘gang shared’ scouts. With a scout you reveal the enemy’s cars in a chosen building for
one hour. This will show the vehicles and its stats, so you can strategically pick cars you know you can beat. Remember the scout disappears, so it is strongly advised to take screenshots of the enemy builds and share them on discord. It is very important to ask in the chat if you can use a scout or not because they are game changers in close gang fights and are very hard to get.

If your gang has a Discord server, I recommend screenshotting every one of their defending cars, and share it on Discord. It’ll help out your gang a lot.

>How do I know how my cars are doing?
In the main screen on the middle left you see your 3 cars if you click on the arrow button. The shield icon means its guarding a spot, the timer shows when your ‘defeated’ car will revive and no sign means you car is free and can attack again.

How about tactics?

 Attacking enemy players instead of empty spots right after the player has attacked means you can attack a ‘damaged’ car, so its an easy takeout!
•    It’s common to announce if you damaged a car but didn’t win by saying which buildings it is in and it’s position number so another player can finish it off
•    You should usually go for the buildings with the same name, to drain double points since it is a lot more effective.
•    Taking over 100% instead of 51% of a building doesn’t matter, BUT it makes it harder to compete for the enemy gang (they need to beat your car instead of an easy bot and they can’t make you lose majority as fast)
•    Knowing the enemy/your gang’s main player base timezone (Asian/American/European gang?) means you know when players are sleeping/not playing. Taking the lead in buildings when they sleep means they won’t fight back for another 8 hours
•   With 25 gang members with 3 vehicles each
you have 75 potential spots. The more of the 25 players are playing CK (City Kings), the higher chance you have at winning ! (Activity is a lot more powerful than car strength)


Whenever you win a Kings of the City game, you either get one, two, or three boxes. Most of the time it’ll be one, with an Ultimate League toolbox. These last for a limited amount of time (depends on what “grade” the toolbox is), and add a % damage or health (depending on which one it is) to a weapon, body, or wheel.

When you get a second box, it contains an Ultimate part. I will list the rewards below (credit to Killer1#2405 on Discord for this)

First reward – Minigun (between D1 and D2)
Second – Coach tire and scooter (2-3)
Third – Remedy (3-4)
Fourth – Wild West Coach (4-5)
Fifth – Lucky Horseshoe (5-6)
Sixth – Anti-Gravity knob (6-7)
Seventh – Energy Shield (7-8)
Eighth – Anti Gravity roller (8-9)
Ninth – UFO (9-10)
Tenth – Unsure as of now, but probably death ray (10-end)


Gang Fights:

Credit again to u/pakkun106 (this was part of his other guide, just gonna paste it here)


  1. Gang Fights: Gang fights is the place where you can earn awesome parts if you have skill. Among the two parts which are in the boxes, 1 of the two parts roughly follows this pattern:

    -Box #1 = Random

    -Box #2 = 1 part current stage

    -Box #3 = 1 part 1 stage above current stage

    -Box #4 = Random, one magic part

    -Box #5 = 1 part current stage, magic

    -Box #6 = 1 stage above current stage, magic

    -Box #7 = Random, two magic parts

    -Box #8 = Current stage, two magic + 1 random toolbox

    -Box #9 = Two magic parts, one stage above current + one random toolbox

    -Box #10 = Legendary part

General Strategy:

People who are having trouble with gang fights, don’t worry. Fusing and crowning boxes can make the gangs fights relatively easy. Although it’s really important to remember that clever builds are the very key to win gang fights.


  • Always try to win as many gang fights as possible sitting on a single stage. Do it even if you are ready to instapromote with all the bonuses and fusing you have done. Only promote after you can’t get past a opponent in a gang fight. This is very important if you wanna reach higher opponents in the gang fights.

Just note that: If you do this, then you’ll get lower rewards (starwise). So, if you want to get better parts, promote, and then do your gang fights. If you want to help out your gang box and KotC, then do your gang fights first.

Prestiging: What is it?:

Head over to the CATS Reddit, and you can find this section here. Credit to u/dfrank129.

You keep all your gems, all your cat points, all your unused cat paws for upgrading, and all your cat-paw upgrades, and your game resets back to stage one. Gold is reset to 1,000, although any you gain from defending in your championship while you click through the prestige process will be added. You will keep all your boxes, although the level will change from 24 to one. You get a special big prestige sticker for prestige 5 and lower. After prestige 5, you will always get the Prestige 5 sticker.

You also get the reward for your prestige (it depends on what prestige you’re going to). However, you don’t immediately get it; you can get it from boxes now. Prestiging is a big part of the game, and you should never stay at stage 24 nowadays.

Betting Strategies:

u/pakkun106 does it all, I guess. In the same guide, he has some great betting advice. I’m also going to add a bit of my opinion onto here.

 Campers rely on legendary parts to promote quickly, but don’t realize they are in fact wasting time on gathering legendary parts. Betting, while comes with the risk of losing parts, is the most efficient way to add bonuses to your parts.


  • Only put the wheels and gadgets in bets. Keep betting on all the mentioned wheels and stack up bonus on bodies you like. Same for the gadgets, but ignore the health bonuses(they’re not important) and focus only on the attack bonuses.
  • By the way, you might lose a lot of parts if you have no experience in betting. Play it safe and bet on the matches without unpredictable gadgets(fork lift, balloon). Also test out your betting skills on the matches, where you are unsure, to the gadgets with health bonues. So even if you lose it, you don’t feel bad.
  • There is one trick I can teach you guys here. If you lose a part and you don’t have enough gems to recover the part, you can close the game when you are on the recover screen and open it again to see that the fight has not happened yet. Now you can gather enough gems, watch the fight and recover the part later.

I tend to only bet on cars with stable builds. I never bet on any boulders, titans, or diamonds. Just know that you have plenty of time to get your part to 60%, so it’s better to save those gems in case you need them.

About this ^, you don’t have to be as stingy with your betting if your part has little to no % health/damage. The base amount of gems for recovering a lost part starts at 3, and goes up to 15. If you’re willing to pay a couple gems, then you can be more liberal with your betting.

Also, doing some math can help a lot. If a bet is close, you can pull out the ol’ calculator, and find out whether it is possible for one side to win. Doing this has helped me a lot in betting.

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