Welcome to NonPrestigers

We are a social, friendly, active and experienced gang in the infamous game C.A.T.S!! We excel in both City Kings and Gang Fights.

Any players out there who are willing to buy into our City Kings Templates and work as part of a team, please go to the Apply page and submit an application.

NonPrestiger’s are on Discord, a free gamer’s server with free chat and voice. (Click Here to join)

Better Access to in game tactics

Better Access to all Senior Advice

Better Access to Building Tips, Strategies, etc.

You can also join our other Team NP-Cubs Discord Server (Click Here to join)

NonPrestigers Rules

Speak English – Need to be able to communicate to each other about tactics and ideas.

Be Active – Fight and get trophies in Gang Fights, 3 Ultimate Machine builds in City Kings, play in UL leagues.

Be Social – Use chat, know your gang, speak your mind.

Be Respectful – It’s a game, it should never get personal, it should be fun

GCF – Gang Comes First.

You are NOT an individual player in this gang, you are a vital part of a much bigger movement. ALL decisions you make should be about how it it benefits Non PresTigers. It does not mean you are not you, each player has qualities, a voice, ideas and a character they can bring to the gang and to chat.

So be you, just be you with GCF attitude.

“There is no ‘I’ in team but there is in ‘Win’

No player chasing maximum prestige will get the recognition that such a feat deserves. Those few that achieve this, or get close to, would have had to spend a lot of cash to get there. Prestige Chasing for the sake of Prestige Chasing is a hollow concept because the achievement is just enjoyed by you alone.

Commit to Non PresTigers and be part of a social, friendly, experienced, active and highly motivated team. Together we will build, both in Gang Fights and City Kings. Together we can, and will, achieve more and the successes / achievements will be greater because they will be shared.